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Truckers Have It Tough – Protect Yourself!

The trucking industry can be a very dangerous business. It is essential to have

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Driving Safely at Night

As an owner operator, it is your job to make sure your drivers use best practice

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Tips to Endure Long Hours on the Road

As a truck driver, you may feel like you live on the road. It can be a difficult

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Maintaining Your Brakes for All Terrains

As an owner operator, you know that your trucks travel on many different terr

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“I Will…” New Year Resolutions

RustyVollmer – Owner “I will complete all 90-days of P90X” AudraBruc

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Avoiding Drowsiness on the Job

After a holiday break, you and your drivers may need to get used to the long

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Close the Gap!

“In an attempt to kill a fly, I
drove into a telephone pole.” The fly

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Preventing Cargo Theft

The trucks you operate and maintain are on the road constantly. Moving from c

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From Our Kitchen to Yours

Mid South Truckers Group team members share recipes for their favorite holid

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