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Simply Put: NonTrucking Use Liability and Physical Damage

As an Account Manager for Mid South Truckers Group, I spend a lot of time on the

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Spring Equinox and Sun Glare Dangerous for Drivers

I was driving my three year old to day care this morning when she pointed to the

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Safe Driving in New Territory

Help drivers avoid common mistakes and operate safely when they find themselves

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Ooops! You Had An Accident…Now What?!

“I jackknifed on the icy overpass and there’s damage to my truck…now what?

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Avoid Idling Your Commercial Truck!

You may have heard that it is a bad idea to idle your personal car. What about y

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Dangers of Emissions from Your Trucks

Your truck is composed of many different parts, all which are necessary for the

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The Dangers of Having Caffeine While Driving

Are you tired? Not of your job in the trucking industry, but over lack of sleep?

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Truckers Have It Tough – Protect Yourself!

The trucking industry can be a very dangerous business. It is essential to have

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Driving Safely at Night

As an owner operator, it is your job to make sure your drivers use best practice

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Tips to Endure Long Hours on the Road

As a truck driver, you may feel like you live on the road. It can be a difficult

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