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Dangers of an Overweight Truck

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  Monday, December 10, 2012

As an owner operator, you are responsible for where your commercial trucks travel to, organizing the cargo they are carrying, the safety of your drivers, and the outcome of the delivery. If accidents, injuries, or damages happen along the way, you should know what actions to take to fix the problem. However, if your trucks are overweight, you are putting your vehicles, employees, and cargo in danger of being destroyed.

Before letting your trucks leave the lot, you must make sure they meet their required weight. Overweight trucks are even more dangerous than trucks that stay within the current federal weight limits. This is because they take longer to brake, are more prone to roll over in crashes, and can damage roads and bridges due to their heaviness.

Besides being dangerous to motorists, overloaded trucks can be a threat to the structure of the vehicles themselves. Overweight trucks can damage the brake and steering system of the truck. To prevent this from happening, follow the trucking laws that determine how much weight a certain commercial truck can carry, how heavy the load can be, and how much weight can be on the tires. Weight distribution should also be considered because it determines how well a truck handles unexpected events on the road.

Make sure your drivers are stopping at weigh stations along the highways to get weighed and get inspected to make sure they are safe for the roads. Making sure a truck is properly loaded is the responsibility of your entire team. When something does end up going wrong, you should have protection you can count on. Mid South Truckers Group can help you out in this department by offering specialty programs to your business.

The trucking industry requires specialized insurance programs and we can offer these solutions. You know how many unique liabilities you face and deserve to harness these liabilities with a responsive set of specialty insurance programs. You may need additional cargo insurance for a large haul or want to provide your team with a more comprehensive medical package. We can help you find the appropriate plan to match your distinct demands. Don’t put your truck drivers, cargo, vehicles, and other motorists in danger any longer. Get the protection you deserve with our specialty programs!




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