Simply Put: NonTrucking Use Liability and Physical Damage

As an Account Manager for Mid South Truckers Group, I spend a lot of time on the phone with owner-operators, many of which are purchasing insurance for the first time. Often times, Motor Carriers require their drivers to carry Non-Trucking Use Liability. When I quote this coverage and ask the owner-operator if they would like […]

Spring Equinox and Sun Glare Dangerous for Drivers

I was driving my three year old to day care this morning when she pointed to the sky and said, “See mommy? The pink!” My daughter loves seeing the sun rise in the morning. Meanwhile, I was blinded by the glare, seeing spots and pretty sure I breezed through the “orange” light behind me. I’m […]

Safe Driving in New Territory

Help drivers avoid common mistakes and operate safely when they find themselves in unfamiliar areas. Tip #1: Review Maps and Plan Your Route Before Driving. Be sure to plan your driving route before getting behind the wheel so you can keep your schedule and prevent distractions that may occur while trying to read a map […]

Ooops! You Had An Accident…Now What?!

“I jackknifed on the icy overpass and there’s damage to my truck…now what?!” Accidents happen – some are caused by human error and others by human nature. When you are involved in an accident while on the road, don’t panic! Instead, follow these eight simple guidelines and you will find yourself on a smooth path […]

Avoid Idling Your Commercial Truck!

You may have heard that it is a bad idea to idle your personal car. What about your commercial truck? As an owner operator, you must understand the risks your vehicles face both from outside and inside sources. Make sure your truckers understand that some things they may be doing while parked, driving, or idling […]

Dangers of Emissions from Your Trucks

Your truck is composed of many different parts, all which are necessary for the machine to function. However, did you know one of the essential sections of the vehicle, being the engine, could pose dangers to you and others on the road? Understanding the unique risks you face as a commercial truck driver is important […]

The Dangers of Having Caffeine While Driving

Are you tired? Not of your job in the trucking industry, but over lack of sleep? This is a common issue for many businesses, and not only those involved in transportation. However, being on the road constantly takes a toll on the body. It is important that you encourage your truckers to find safe methods […]

Truckers Have It Tough – Protect Yourself!

The trucking industry can be a very dangerous business. It is essential to have the right coverages in place in order to protect yourself or your employees, in the event of an on-the-job accident. Some may think Workers Compensation and Occupational Accident insurance are interchangeable. However, these two coverages serve two different business populations. Generally, […]

Driving Safely at Night

As an owner operator, it is your job to make sure your drivers use best practices when on the road. However, being a defensive driver doesn’t only apply during the daylight. Most of the time, your truckers may be making commutes during the late evening or early morning hours. Therefore, teaching them safe driving at […]

Tips to Endure Long Hours on the Road

As a truck driver, you may feel like you live on the road. It can be a difficult experience to travel to unfamiliar places as well. However, you know this is all part of the job. An important technique to acquire is to have the ability to endure long hours on the road. Yet, this […]