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GAP Coverage

Keeping you on the road with GAP Coverage

An accident can lead to the loss of your rig. Enhance your coverage and protect your finances with a GAP insurance plan.

What is GAP Insurance?

The sole purpose of GAP insurance is to protect the finances of owner-operators who lease or finance their trucks. In the event of a total loss due to an accident or theft, some owner-operators may owe more money than the payoff. In the most simplified terms, GAP insurance covers the GAP between what is owed on the truck and the current market value.


What does Mid South Truckers Group Offer?

We offer GAP insurance as an extension of our Physical Damage program.

Physical Damage will only cover the current market value of a rig that is deemed a total loss.

Enhancing the Physical Damage policy with GAP insurance prevents owner-operators from paying out-of-pocket expenses to the lease or finance companies.


Our expert agents can help you evaluate your Trucking and Hauling operations

to come up with the right policy at the right price.

For more information on GAP insurance or to add the coverage to your pre-existing Physical Damage policy, written through the Mid South Truckers Group, please contact our office toll-free by dialing 1-888-321-1015 or complete the form on this page to receive a FREE insurance quote from one of our agents.