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Cargo Insurance

A critical element to protecting you and your cargo.

GAP Coverage

Protecting the finances of the owner-operators who lease or finance their trucks.

Excess Liability Insurance

An essential tool that is also the most affordable way to get higher policy limits on other trucking insurance policies.

Motor Carrier Deductible Reimbursement

If you lease a rig from a motor carrier, protect yourself from high deductibles and tremendous debt with this insurance policy.

Occupational Accident

Customized coverage for independent drivers and owner-operator groups

Passenger Accident

Policies for authorized passengers traveling with you.

Physical Damage

Protecting the owner-operator when the unit is damaged.

Primary Liability Insurance

Covers damage or injuries to other people as a result of truck accidents.

Workers' Compensation

We have affordable packages that protect both the trucking company and the drivers.

Individual Health Insurance

Partnering with Go Health Insurance, a company specializing in individual health insurance

Settlement Deduct Programs

Non-Trucking Use

LIability insurance coverage for when a truck is not being used for business purposes.

Group Health Insurance

Our TN based company will find your team the best coverage rates we can!

New Authorities

Personal Articles

If you bring personal property with you on a haul, protect it.

Whatever your trucking insurance needs are, Mid South Truckers Group is dedicated to matching your requirements to the most comprehensive and affordable coverage available on the market today.
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