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Motor Carrier Deductible Insurance

Keeping you on the road

If you lease a rig from a motor carrier, protect your bank with deductible reimbursement insurance from Mid South Truckers Group.

Why Have Motor carrier deductible coverage?

Deductibles can run high within the trucking industry. Motor carriers with high deductibles will often pass on part or all of the costs to the leased owner-operator who is involved in an accident. Some deductibles run so high that they could cause tremendous debt for the driver. Financial ruin can be avoided with a deductible reimbursement policy.

How it protects you

A motor carrier deductible reimbursement policy will reimburse drivers for the deductibles that are contractually required by motor carriers. If you are in an accident and have to pay for the damages due to your contract with a motor carrier, a motor carrier deductible reimbursement plan will allow you to buy back those costs.

If you are currently leasing from a motor carrier, invest in deductible reimbursement insurance today.


Mid South truckers group of Memphis, TN offers competitive coverage to owner operators and owner operator groups throughout the country.

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