Trucking Insurance coverage for the road ahead

Personal Articles Coverage Insurance

Keeping you on the road

If you bring personal property with you on a haul, protect if with a personal articles insurance policy.

Do you keep personal items with you in the rig during a haul?

If you are a commercial trucker, find out if your truck insurance provides coverage for your personal items if they are damaged or stolen.

A standard trucking liability policy will not supply coverage for the personal property you keep with you in the truck.

To be covered, you need a specialized personal articles policy.

What we offer

At Mid South Truckers Group, we are highly experienced in providing quality insurance services to the trucking industry and our personal articles floaters will offer you responsive insurance coverage if something happens to your personal property while on the job.

Our personal articles insurance is designed specifically with owner operators and owner operator groups in mind. Our agents can help you build a coverage plan that protects the following:

  • Electronics
  • Luggage
  • Cell Phones
  • Radios
  • And more….


While you are on the road, it's impossible to predict all potential liabilities - but you can be prepared.

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