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Primary Liability Insurance

Keeping you on the road

Primary liability insurance covers damage or injuries to other people as a result of truck accidents.

required insurance

Primary Liability Insurance is required in order to legally operate a truck in the U.S. For truck drivers, this will be your main insurance coverage. Motor carriers and trucking companies are also required to carry primary liability insurance. This coverage is important because it will pay for injuries and medical costs for people who may be injured in an accident that was deemed the truck driver’s fault. It will also cover property damage resulting from an accident. 


What do you need for your business?

At Mid South Truckers Group, we only insure truckers. We know the federal and state laws and can create a liability policy that is within the legal parameters and also offers adequate protection.

A minimum of $750,000 coverage is normally required for most vehicles over 10,000 pounds; however, this may not be enough coverage for some circumstances.

After a full evaluation of your trucking operation, we can make proper recommendations and help you decided just how much coverage you need.


If you think you are paying too much for primary liability insurance, you are probably right.

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