We started out as an idea to efficiently handle the insurance needs of owner operators.

And get our truckers better rates than they could find individually.

Insurance Solutions
& Warranty Program

Physical Damage Insurance

Physical Damage insurance covers damage to your trucks, trailers and transportation equipment. Covered perils typically include collision, fire, theft and vandalism to the equipment. Usually required by lenders, it is an important insurance coverage to have and keeps your transportation business moving and profitable.

Non-Trucking Use Liability Insurance (conversationally known as bobtail insurance)

This specialty insurance coverage protects the Independent Owner Operator leased to a Motor Carrier when they are not driving their unit in the motor carrier’s business or hauling freight. While frequently referred to as Bobtail Coverage by drivers, NTL or Non-Trucking Liability is the insurance terminology you are likely to hear. Like motor carrier liability above, this insurance covers damage and injuries to other people and their property, protecting the Independent Owner Operator against lawsuits that result from a motor vehicle accident that is not covered by the Motor Carrier Liability policy.

NTP Preferred Warranty Program through MSTG

Your truck is your livelihood and unexpected repairs eat up time and profits. Why risk it? 

We partner with National Truck Protection to provide the highest level of warranty coverage at affordable prices to owner operators. 

The NTP warranty program is both affordable and easy to
manage for every Owner Operator. You choose the
program that works best for you and premiums are
deducted monthly from your settlement.

So, for less than $123 per month you can protect your business andlivelihood from an unexpected equipment failure that
would cost you thousands of out of pocket dollars to fix. 

Pick the program terms and coverage
that works best for you and your business and drive, with
peace of mind.


  • GAP Coverage Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Passenger Accident Insurance
  • Motor Carrier Deductible Insurance
  • Scheduled Property Coverage
  • Supplemental Coverage Endorsement
  • Non-Trucking Use Liability
  • Physical Damage for truck/tractors and semi-trailers (Comp/Coll subject to $1,000 Deductible)
  •  Motor Carrier Liability Insurance

Providing excellent customer service every day for our customers, over the span of many, many years.


That is, perhaps, why many of the independent contractors we insured way back in 1994, are still insured with us today.

  • Monthly Payment via coupon payment book
  • Monthly Payment via ACH withdrawal from the bank account
  • Monthly Payment via credit card – a service fee applies
  • Monthly Payment via settlement deduct by motor carrier who agrees to work with MSTG on the settlement deduct program


To qualify for coverage an I/C needs to have alll of the following

  • A valid CDL
  • 2 years commercial driving experience
  • Be leased to a motor carrier 
  • Have an MVR that meets underwriting guidelines 

No, premiums ARE NOT prorated.

If unit is on the list bill effective 1st day of the month, then that month’s full premium is due. If a driver adds coverage after the 1st of a month, their start-up cost is only 1 month’s premium plus the 1 month deposit – the premium collected gets them paid through the current month and for the entire next month, so essentially the fact that we do not pro-rate evens out (on average) depending upon the start / termination date.

All premium is collected on a Month-in-Advance basis and require 1 Month Deposit to be held by MSTG to secure payment.

• If your truck is under 1,000,000 miles at the time of enrollment, you are eligible.

• Trucks over 1,000,000 miles, even with overhauled engines, are not eligible.

No inspection is required. There is a 30 day waiting period after you sign up and are billed before your warranty activiates. If you sign up on July 14th, your coverage will be active September 1st.

• NTP has a repair network of over 5,000 repair facilities. This includes dealerships and local shops. If the facility is not in our network, you can have your truck repaired there if the facility contracts with NTP before repairs begin.
• NTP claims professional are available 24/7 by phone or email and can direct you to the nearest repair facility.

If your truck breaks down and requires a repair, contact NTP 24/7 at 877-950-3200

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